Creators: Connor Campbell, Corey Dean & Jeremy Nir

from Digital Futures @ OCAD University.

"Puzzle platformers come and go, but what if simply finding the platforms was the puzzle? That’s the idea behind Door – a unique mixed media project from the students at OCAD.


Requiring one player to use a gamepad and another to use a magic marker (or chalk), an on-screen avatar will explore an environment that starts out as a blank slate.


There are plenty of platforms to navigate in your attempt to reach the exit, but you’ll have to find them through trial and error. As you do, your friend with the magic marker will draw them on a whiteboard. 


Door is a game of discovery and exploration, and a really great example of how digital experiences can break out of conventional platforms and defy expectations. Games can be anything and anywhere."


5 Student Games You Need to Play

- Jim Squires



Our interview begins at 1:54

bring door to your festival or classroom. 


What you'll need:

chalkboard or whiteboard

a computer + projector.

the DOOR game file.


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